Corporate Events in Spain – Transports Access, Excellent Communications and Hotels



Corporate meetings in Madrid

For international meetings with attendees flying in from all over the world, both Madrid and Barcelona have great flight connections. There is a wide choice of meeting facilities, venues and unique hotels all of which offer great value for money.

Incentive travel programmes in Barcelona

Barcelona is considered one of the leading European destinations for incentive travel programmes as it combines a vibrant city with the sea, culture, cuisine and nightlife. Spain’s beautiful capital Madrid, located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, is perfectly connected by high speed trains which allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

Product launches

Spain offers a whole world of opportunities within one country. You can visit the beautiful mountains in the North to paradise beaches in the South, never-ending wine fields in the West and unique coastal cities in the East. You can ski in the morning and enjoy the beach in the afternoon. We can help you find the ideal location for your launch, and create events of all shapes and sizes.


Easy access

Spain is well-connected through wide a full year-round schedule of domestic and international flights. There is a choice from of both low-cost to major airlines through the main hubs of Barcelona and Madrid.

Wide range accommodation

Spain offers a fantastic range of high quality yet affordable hotels.


Spain’s rich culture and heritage offers a great selection of venues from historical, to artistic and modern.

Convention Centres

Most of the Spanish cities have their own convention centres in an array of different sizes depending on the size of the city.

Barcelona has 2 convention centres, including the CCIB, which is considered one of the top convention centres in Europe; Madrid has 3 convention centres and a fourth is on the way. 

Both cities are ideal for large events and Barcelona has been named the second-best destination in Europe for international congresses

Hotel Meeting Space

Events are important for Spain and the wide range of hotels can cater to events of all sizes.

Some event focused hotels have more meeting space than the smaller congress centres.

One of the largest auditoriums in Spain is in the Hotel Auditorium in Madrid.

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